Train to Busan – action & fun zombie movie!


If you do not prefer zombie movies, we encourage you to give a chance to “Train to Busan” and embark on a ride that is full of fierce action, tension, fun … and of course, full of zombies! “Train to Busan” comes from director and screenwriter Sang-ho Yeon. Particularly interesting […]

Don’t Breathe


Although the surroundings and action of the film look very familiar, “Don’t Breathe” has a touch of originality and freshness. Fede Alvarez, the director and co-writer of the film, twisted several unwritten rules about ‘slashers’ and ‘home invasion’ films, jumped out of familiar frames, and opened up space for imagination […]

Doctor Sleep


The Doctor Sleep movie really has a great challenge; at the same time to be the credible heir to his cult predecessor, without to desecrate the point of the original’s action, while also to be a separate film. The film opens shortly after the events of the first movie: Jack […]

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