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Check out Horror Movie Web’s guide to the best horror movies and best horror TV series, including cult classic horror films, new films, Netflix and more.

Netflix Good Horror Movies: 10 Netflix top horror movies to stream now

Spend less time searching and more time watching, with our Top 10 list of Netflix good horror movies available to stream now. In recent years, there have been a lot of Netflix good horror movies available to those of us with a Netflix subscription. However, it can be hard to keep track of our horror […]

10 Best Scary Movies for Kids this Halloween

Looking for a safe selection of scary, but not too scary, movies for kids this Halloween? Here are 10 great kid-friendly scary movies, including Halloween movies on Disney Plus, suitable for kids 10 years and under. Halloween is just around the corner and so is a plethora of films that are designed to scare, terrify […]

Horror Movies True Stories: HMW’s Guide to the Best Horror Movie Based on True Story (Top 20 List)

Here we present Horror Movie Web’s guide to the Top 20 ‘Horror Movie Based on True Story’. “Monsters are as real as ghosts. They live in us and sometimes – they win,” said Stephen King, one of the most famous horror writers. He did not literally mean ghosts and monsters, but used these words to […]

Best Season American Horror Story: HMW guide to the worst and best American Horror Story seasons

American Horror Story is the single most entertaining and inspiring trash on modern television. Are you curious about AHS but not sure where to start? Find out the worst season and best season American Horror Story in our guide to the series here. Proof that horror is no longer reserved for film are two big […]

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