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Check out Horror Movie Web’s guide to the best cult classic horror movies, including new films, vintage films and foreign classics.

Horror Movies True Stories: HMW’s Guide to the Best Horror Movie Based on True Story (Top 20 List)

Here we present Horror Movie Web’s guide to the Top 20 ‘Horror Movie Based on True Story’. “Monsters are as real as ghosts. They live in us and sometimes – they win,” said Stephen King, one of the most famous horror writers. He did not literally mean ghosts and monsters, but used these words to […]

Haute Tension – An extreme film experience that divided the audience (France)

Country: France. If you are a conformist and want to experiment with some hitherto unexplored film fields and delve into different genres, there is hardly a better introduction than the French genre called New French Extremity. A new wave of French horror gained momentum at the beginning of the new millennium and spawned a number […]

Best Season American Horror Story: HMW guide to the worst and best American Horror Story seasons

American Horror Story is the single most entertaining and inspiring trash on modern television. Are you curious about AHS but not sure where to start? Find out the worst season and best season American Horror Story in our guide to the series here. Proof that horror is no longer reserved for film are two big […]

Horror Comedy Movies Best Ever: 14 Awesome Horror Funny Movies

Here we present our horror comedy movies best ever list. Check out these 14 fun and dumb horror funny movies that will have you laughing your guts out. Line up these awesome horror funny movies for your next Halloween movie night, or just for some brainless fun. Nothing is more enjoyable than a horror movie […]

Michael Myers Halloween Movies: Halloween movie order ranked from best to worst

There have been 11 Halloween movies featuring the evil killer Michael Myers. Some are masterpieces (at least one) and the others range from acceptable to the most forgettable horror movies you have ever seen. So, which Michael Myers Halloween movies are a must see and which can you skip? Here, we share our thoughts on […]

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