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Check out Horror Movie Web’s guide to the best foreign horror movies and series, including popular and lesser known horror movies from Asia and Europe.

Marianne: The French response to ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ (France)

For decades, the horror genre has been taken lightly. Probably because every person thinks they can scare anyone or at least someone close. Fear as a universal feeling is not a universal form. He is subjective and very specific. Someone is fascinated by the fast ride and tall buildings, while another gets a hysterical panic […]

Veronica… is it really the scariest movie in the world ever made?

So, you’ve embarked on a mission to find the scariest movie in the world ever made. Don’t worry, it happens to every horror fan at some point, this need to find the holy grail of terror-inducing film. In your search, you have probably come across a curious film called ‘Veronica’ and are wondering… Is Veronica […]

Aterrados (Argentina)

In terms of variety and quality, in the last 10 years, highly acclaimed Argentine cinema has produced its first Paranormal horror, “Aterrados“, which translates to English as Terrified and is praiseworthy. The skillful scenario and superior direction by Demian Rugn brought breathe freshness into this horror sub-genre, always popular in smaller independent productions and among […]

Ghoul: Amazing horror content from India

If you’ve played any RPGs for the last 20+ years you will know that this is an undead creature, usually in the company of resurrected skeletons and other undead. In reality, it is not far from the truth. Ghoul is a creature of Arab mythology, a resident of cemeteries and uninhabited places, with the potential […]

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