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The Conjuring Timeline in Chronological Order and Release Date Order

With ten films released and planned, the Conjuring presents us with a complex universe of characters and stories set across several decades. Naturally, the question arises as to the best viewing order of the Conjuring movies. To dive in from the first film released and work through the films in release order, or whether it […]


In her directorial debut, Australian director Natalie Erika James, through a spooky atmosphere and monstrous metaphors, successfully reached to the deepest of all fears – fear of old age, helplessness, isolation and death. If we manage to survive youth and all its madness, middle age and all its dangers, all of us, without exception, one […]

I See you

Residents of an unknown American town are upset, or rather terrified, by the kidnapping of two minors. An investigation has been launched but is yielding no results. One of the detectives who trying to find the missing minors is Greg Harper. Greg has a difficult family situation. His wife Jackie recently had a love affair. […]

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