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Lights Out

When, in 2013, without a big budget, David Sandberg released a short film of the same name, ‘Lights Out’, it was more than obvious that in this short film, which was named the best short film at the Bilbao Fantasy Film Festival in 2014, there is room for creating something bigger that will definitely resonate […]


A very good Netflix anthological horror series, with some better, some worse episodes, a lot of variety and interesting ideas, and with a very good actors. Still, some of the ideas already seem a bit worn out and seen many times. Bloodride or originally Blodtur is a Norwegian horror series, in which each story is […]

The Boy

What’s so terrible about dolls? For some reason dolls are very common ‘characters’ in horror movies. Some of the most famous are Chucky (Child’s Play), Fats (Magic), Billy (Dead Silence) and Annabelle (The Conjuring). “The Boy” is another in a series of horror films with a doll. Guided by a rather creepy premise, the film […]

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