Final Destination Series and Τhe Concept of Cheating Death

final destination

I’ve had a health issue recently and were eagerly awaiting the test results of my examination. In the waiting room, there were different people from every social layer and every age. I didn’t know my results yet, but I’ve heard some results from other people. That was the time when I thought, it would be great if people could cheat death. I recalled a horror movie made in the year 2000. Final Destination. I would like to see that series again and search if another sequel was made since the last time I checked.

With the premise of cheating death, the Final Destination series had significant success and allowed New Line Cinema to earn big money. The storyline followed a simple blueprint. The main character would have some premonition of death via calamity and then start to warn people around him and saving their and his own life. They would thus cheat death and escape his great design. Death wouldn’t stay pat, but seek new ways and create individual new designs to get the people who escaped him.

The final destination series had 5 sequels and on January 2019, New Line Cinema announced to start a reboot of the franchise. Writer’s of the revamped story will be Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, who previously scripted four Saw films together. Think those two will be great for the franchise as the most appealing aspect of the movie besides story and actors was the clever ways, death would find to kill people. This is a trait the Saw series had in common.

The new plot and the release date details weren’t published at the time of writing, but I have high hopes they will do a good job. What made the first one exceptionally good was the fine balance between to act of getting killed and the intensity of blood and gore. I hope they look at the previous movies made and see that as the series progressed more and more the quality of the franchise suffered.

For those of having forgotten that franchise along with me, here is a refresher of the series. As you will surely see, this was initially a low budget movie of 2000. FX effects have developed a lot since those years, haha.

Final Destination 1 (2000)

The simple concept of the movie in one trailer explained

Alex (Devon Sawa), along with about 40 others passengers, are all set to take off on a plane destined for their senior trip in France. Right before it is set to take off, he has a vision that shows him that soon after takeoff the plane will crash and everyone on board will be dead. He and others are forced off of the plane, and, sure enough, the plane crashes with everyone else on board. While everyone thinks that Alex caused the accident, he knows that they were supposed to die on board. Soon, everyone who was supposed to be on the plane start dying one by one.

Final Destination 2 (2003)

This time around whilst heading onto the highway, Kimberly Corman (A.J. Cook) has a vision of a huge car accident. Time again, the event envisioned happens and she feels guilty and horrified at the same moment. Looking for similarities to past events she comes across the Flight 180 disaster which occurred almost one year earlier. After she talks to Clear Rivers which was the only survivor of the incident, they decide together with the other survivors, to combine their powers against death.

Final Destination 3 (2006)

New Line Cinema sticks to the concept by making changes only to actors and scenes. The opening disaster involves a Roller Coaster crash that is brought via a premonition to Wendy Christensen (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Wendy plays astonishing well her role and the third sequel of the series has more dark humor and gore.

Final Destination 4 (2009)

I feel like repeating myself here, but Final Destination was never meant to be a movie watched for his deep story and Oscar like acting. It usually involves some teenagers, which all of them seem to be models, trying to escape death. The beauty of the film lies in watching the characters getting killed in an elaborate manner, sometimes in funny ways, and sometimes brutal in the most absurd set up. In Final Destination 4, Nick O’Bannon has a premonition of a car crash, while watching a car race at McKinley Speedway.

Final Destination 5 (2011)

At this point, I guess the series is repeating itself in a never-ending loop. They added at this point some new rules like “kill or be killed” besides the known ones, but in the end, the effect remains the same. The place of premonition is a bridge which will collapse and the “temporally” survivors are Sam, some of his co-workers, and his boss. Final Destination is the prequel of the 2000 made movie, so all the events are happening before the flight 180 disaster. Here I have to correct myself a bit, the flight disaster plays a role in the movie and is revealed at the end.

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