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ghoul indian horror movie

If you’ve played any RPGs for the last 20+ years you will know that this is an undead creature, usually in the company of resurrected skeletons and other undead. In reality, it is not far from the truth. Ghoul is a creature of Arab mythology, a resident of cemeteries and uninhabited places, with the potential to be transformed, often into the last victim.

Now let’s go to India, it’s a dystopian future. A strict authoritative regime is ruthless. The fight against terrorism is at its peak. One of the most well-known institutions for holding enemies of the state and breaking their resistance is Meghdoot 31, to which young Nida, a recruit at the end of her training for the State Protection Squad, comes. While Lieutenant Colonel Dacunha has no doubts about her loyalty, Lieutenant Das, despite the fact that Nida reported her father to the authorities, doubts to her intentions. With the arrival of the Nide, things in Meghdoot 31 begin to go in an unexpected direction, and a cluster of unpleasant secrets is unraveled.

Ghoul although comes from India does not contain scenes of dancing and singing.

The Ghoul series is based on the dream of Patrick Graham, screenwriter and director. He originally envisioned it as the first episode in a trilogy, but after Netflix showed interest, he realized that it was better to shoot a mini-series and have a nice storyline than put it into one movie. He was not mistaken. Three episodes of the mini-series bring a high-quality horror performance.

What Ghoul has to offer is an atmospheric horror from a sub-genre of military horror. If you loved Outpost (Outpost, 2008), The Guard Post (GP 506, 2008), or Point R (R-Point, 2004), you are also very likely to like Gul. The atmosphere is reminiscent of “The Guard Post”, a very good and atmospheric South Korean military horror. The cramped space, the tension, the playing with the psyche of the characters, the shifting of doubt from one to the other, and of course, the supernatural element in the form of a mythological evil spirit summoned for one purpose. To punish the culprits. In a place full of culprits, how do you know who is the right one?

The plot has its own trajectory that goes gradually, the first episode is also the slowest. It lays the foundations, builds the atmosphere, introduces us to the world and presents the characters. The second is faster while the third rushes at top speed to the end and dizzily leads to the explosive finish. Unfortunately, the third is worst because the ending is not in line with the first two series. Graham didn’t seem to know how to do certain things in a better way, so he just did it, playing with the viewer’s intellect a little.

But aside from those few things that really bother, Ghoul is a very high-quality and atmospheric horror that we looking forward to in season two. If Graham does a little on scripting and deus ex machina solutions, season two might be even better. It remains to be seen. Critics have accepted the series. The audience is delighted. Netflix has no reason to say “No”. The only choice is “Yes”.

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