Horror Comedy Movies Best Ever: 14 Awesome Horror Funny Movies

Horror Comedy Movies Best

Here we present our horror comedy movies best ever list. Check out these 14 fun and dumb horror funny movies that will have you laughing your guts out. Line up these awesome horror funny movies for your next Halloween movie night, or just for some brainless fun.

Nothing is more enjoyable than a horror movie that can make you laugh. Of course, serious horror movies are also great, but sometimes we need a breather from that heavy stuff. These movies are our hand-picked favourites from the horror comedy genre, and rank at the top of our list for horror comedy movies best ever. If you’re looking for a funny halloween movie to watch with your mates, you’ll definitely want to check out this list.

Each movie listed here is special in its own way with its own unique comedy angle – no two films are alike and all of them are awesome!

Horror Comedy Movies Best Ever List

1: Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010)

Imagine being a teenager who watched too many horror movies, then on a trip to the mountains you come across two creepy hillbillies. Tucker & Dale are those hillbillies – in reality they aren’t creeps, but the circumstances make them look like they are. One error adds to another and the group of teenagers gets eliminated one by one, while Tucker & Dale only try to save them. You will see lots of blood and gory moments, and you will really laugh a lot. I personally think this is one of the best movies in this genre and if you’re only going to pick one from this list to watch, go with this one.

2: Happy Death Day (2017)

Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) should get an Oscar for the acting in this comedy horror movie. Seriously, she alone makes ‘Happy Death Day’ a joy to watch. She has to die everyday until she is able to find out who is killing her. In her journey to escape the never-ending loop, and saving her life and sanity, she has to re-live the same day over and over again. This can get on your nerves and Tree isn’t the most easy-going person in the world, yet you can easily relate to her feelings and actions. This film was such a success at the box office that they made a sequel named ‘Happy Death Day to U2’.

3: Zombieland (2009)

At Zombieland the action and laughs start from the first minute, coming from different angles and supported greatly by four characters that want you to take you on a tour through the Zombie Apocalypse. There isn’t much horror to experience, but this movie is really enjoyable. At the time of writing, Zombieland is the most successful zombie film in history.

4: The Babysitter (2017)

If you’re looking for an easy, late-night horror movie that will give you some funny Halloween pranks and isn’t scary, then go with ‘The Babysitter’. In it you will find a funny story, some tension and a good amount of blood. It touches upon all the usual clichés, totally on purpose. A hot babysitter turns out to be part of a satanic cult that kills people for sacrifice. Cole was in love with her and one night he decided to stay up past bedtime. After that mistake he has to escape Bee and her friends attempts to silence him.

5: Scouts Guide to Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

A zombie escapes from a laboratory facility and creates an outbreak. Three scouts and a stripper create a team to survive the apocalypse. This shouldn’t be funny or entertaining at all. It is a silly story with plot holes, shallow characters who only try to be comical, a hot chick trying to help scouts, and a genre which the makers obviously want to ridicule. Yet somehow the movie was absolutely entertaining and its brash jokes admittedly made me laugh. This is a juvenile film in purest form, complete with immature jokes, nudity and even random singing.

6: Warm Bodies (2013)

The entirety of the fun in ‘Warm Bodies’ comes from the story set-up and its subsequent awkward scenes. It is more a romantic horror movie than a comedy horror, but its fresh approach to the Zombie theme and subtle fun throughout the film make it worth watching. In the film, the creators try to bring together a human being with a zombie which usually wouldn’t work out well because for a Zombie humans are just food. When R (Nicholas Hoult) and Julie (Teressa Palmer) meet, it’s funny watching them sorting things out and exchanging their stories.

7: Tremors (1990) **Horror comedy movies best ever: Cult Classic**

This was a monster movie made during a decade when giant gorillas, alligators, snakes, sharks and other scary animals were the main highlight. Tremors isn’t very gory and violent but the threat is real. Actual wormlike creatures called Graboids do damage to an isolated small town in Nevada, with a population of 16. What makes it funny is the interaction between the characters. We have two small town buddies (Val and Earl) who become heroes, a couple of survivalists, a hot woman, plus other townsfolk who try to escape the worms. It isn’t a parody; the characters are believable, and they seek clever ways to escape and kill the worms. The worms are smart too. This is real enjoyable entertainment and became a cult horror movie for me in the 90s. I’ve probably watched it 8 times.

8: Scary Movie (2000) **Horror comedy movies best ever: Popular**

A parody that makes fun mostly of ‘Scream’ and ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’. Other movies are also referenced, such as The Shining, The Matrix, The Blair Witch Project, Halloween etc. The creators developed a solid story and you will love the characters and the silly entertainment. The plot revolves around a group of teenagers that are targeted by a serial killer exactly one year after they ran over a man. This is one of the best modern spoofs made in recent history and was followed-up by many sequels, but the first one is unique. A classic halloween movie to watch with a group of friends – line up this one if you want an easy crowd-pleaser at your next halloween movie night.

9: Gremlins (1984)

Oh, if only Billy Peltzer (Zach Galligan) could adhere to three simple rules, we would have been spared from the crazy, twisted and funny events happening in Kingston Falls! ‘Gremlins’ is not solely intended to make you laugh, but as a kid this actually scared me. It successfully strikes a balance between entertainment, scares and fun. When the evil gremlins come to life, they are so dedicated to purely enjoying the moment, that it’s a charm to watch them destroy things, kill people and mess up everything. The killings are never disturbing or bloody and they happen in a subtle way. The gremlins are pretty freaky looking and behave strangely, which is really quite frightening if you are a kid watching your first scary movie.

10: Critters (1986)

Following the success of the ‘Gremlins’ we were presented with yet another movie that aimed to create small beings that harm people. The Critters aren’t a rare species living on earth, but instead small alien creatures which came to earth. From the time they land, the only thing they want to do is eat everything alive. The story isn’t deep. It’s actually quite silly, as is the acting, but regardless this low budget movie is enjoyable right from the first scene until the end.

11: The Final Girls (2015)

This is a feel-good slasher movie. The actors are mostly known faces and the movie is in large part a spoof of the 80s slasher genre – a blend of ‘Friday the 13th’ and ‘Last Action Hero’. It takes a group of characters and inserts them into a fictional 80s horror movie slasher, Camp Bloodbath. Once there they must try to not only return to the real world, but also survive the movie. It is fun and also brutal but don’t expect lots of gore and nudity. Here’s a post I wrote inspired by this film, if you ever need a How to Survive Horror Movie Checklist: 25 Essential Rules in case you find yourself caught in this exact scenario yourself.

12: Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Ok, I watched Jennifer’s Body one time and thought it was worth adding to this list because of Megan Fox. It is an entertaining horror movie, which has its moments and is sparingly funny. The funny moments came at unfitting times and for that reason it doesn’t rate at the top for comedy horrors, but it is worth a look for the story alone. Jennifer is a high school beauty queen who seduces boys, so she can eat them. Jennifer has a friend Needy, and their friendship is tested when Needy finds out what is going on.

13: Freaks of Nature (2015)

Here we have a peaceful community of humans, vampires and zombies… and then aliens invade and create havoc and a civil war. This isn’t a movie that is meant to make sense. ‘Freaks of Nature’ mashes horror/comedy/romance/drama with zombie/alien/vampire/human, and it works really well thanks to the strong performance and likable cast. Gore and blood haven’t been spared, so prepare to see moments in which they will get used a whole lot.

14: Troll 2 (1990) **Horror comedy movies best ever: Cult Classic**

Troll 2 was the first horror comedy that I watched. The creators didn’t mean for it to be funny. They genuinely tried to make the trolls look creepy and put in the best effort they could. But, what they achieved was a movie so bad that it was actually darn good. Just watch it for 10 minutes – check out the scenes, the actors, the script. This is a cult horror cinematic experience. Man, I’m inclined to watch it again right now, just thinking about it.

Horror Comedy Movies Best Ever Suggestions?

Hope you found some horror funny movies in this list that you haven’t watched before or that it reminded you about some horror comedy you had long-forgotten. Or maybe you found a dumb halloween movie to watch with your mates that cracked you up. Tell us about it in the comments below – feel welcome to tell us what you think of this horror comedy movies best ever selection and throw in any of your own suggestions.

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