I See You

i see you horror movie review

Residents of an unknown American town are upset, or rather terrified, by the kidnapping of two minors. An investigation has been launched but is yielding no results. One of the detectives who trying to find the missing minors is Greg Harper. Greg has a difficult family situation. His wife Jackie recently had a love affair. Although Jackie wants forgiveness their son Connor shows a special contempt for his mother’s infidelity.

The marital crisis is just an introduction to family problems. As guilt slowly gnaws at Jackie’s mind inexplicable events are starting to happen in Harper’s house, which further intensifies tensions between family members….

The beginning of the film is very intriguing. Noise, disappearing objects, a TV that turns itself on, family members who do not pay attention to unusual phenomena because they are too preoccupied with their own anxieties. We’ve seen a movies like this before but “I See You” is probably one of the most effective..

Why? Because in other films we generally see a somewhat passive situation based only on observation, this is not the case here and this makes the situation much more disturbing.

“I See You” never made it to theaters – it is one of those films about which little or almost nothing is known and would probably remain unknown to a wider audience, but thanks to streaming service it is available to the public. Okay, this is not a film that deserves the highest possible rating, but it is a very interesting film for several reasons…

It is a film that in the first forty minutes of the film leads the viewer in one direction, and in the second part of the film, the plot, unexpectedly, moves in a completely unexpected direction.

A luxury Harper family house can’t hide the fact that relationships in the Harper family are bursting at the seams. The reason is infidelity or perhaps some other things from the past. Although the events in the family home and the kidnappings of the children do not seem to be related, the director maintains tension and tension throughout the film. The feeling of insecurity, discomfort and the thought “that something is wrong here and things are not as they seem at first” are amplified by very well-affected music and inspired use of the camera.

Following the plot, the music plays viciously with the viewer’s nerves. The already unpleasant and uncertain atmosphere of the film imbued with difficult themes (the disappearance of children, a crisis that threatens the complete breakdown of relations between family members…) is further complicated by each beat of psychedelic music. The shooting mode, the operation of the camera are also in the service of the film’s story and creates a creepy atmosphere. Particularly effective are the sudden cuts that interrupt the action and take the events back to the recent past, delaying the explanation of important details of the film…

There is a wide range of genres that can be found in the film “I see you”. Depending on the moment of the film, but also on the viewer’s perception, one can recognize elements of (family) drama, revenge film, horror, (psychological) thriller… In the first part of the film, the director suggests paranormal phenomena and monsters. Monsters exist, but not as they seem at first. Another detail that shows how difficult it is to predict the course of events in director Adam Randall’s film.

The most famous acting name of the film is the unrecognizable Helen Hunt. The unrecognizable physical appearance of the great actress certainly contributes to the discomfort and atmosphere of the film. Despite being the most famous name of the cast and the fact that the actions of the character he is interpreting are causing the Harper family to collapse, Helen Hunt is in the background. The key details of the story are directed towards male characters or actors – above all it is about Jon Tenney (Greg Harper) and Owen Teague in the role of Alec Travers.

“I See You” is a real, pleasant movie surprise. A film in which traces of several genres can be found, it is an unpredictable and effectively shot story with an unexpected outcome.

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