Reality Z (Brazil)

reality z horror trailer

Reality Z is a Netflix horror series created by award-winning Brazilian director Cláudio Torres (“The Invisible Woman”). This Brazilian series combines horror and humor, narrating a zombie attack on Rio de Janeiro.

In an effort to survive the danger consuming the world as zombies rapidly take over, a group of people flees to a reality house known as the Olympus, hoping the property’s disconnect from the outside world will keep them safe. This results in a full-on war over the property, and a shocking twist that no one expected.

Reality Z is the Brazilian remake of 2008’s Dead Set (also available on Netflix), which was created by Charlie Brooker of Black Mirror fame. There have been heated debates about which is better. Reality Z while being more grisly, expands on the British mini-series. Dead Set ended in five episodes. Reality Z, on the other hand, uses Episode 5 as a mid-season break, even calling it ‘The End’ before picking up the threads in Episode 6 to introduce new characters and crises.

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