Tag: Horror Korean Movies

Horror movies and series from Korea. Includes horror movies in Korean.

The Wailing (Goksung) (South Korea)

“The Wailing” (Goksung) is a great mystery detective thriller with carefully composed elements of supernatural horror, a kind of mix of “Memories of Murder “and “The Exorcist”. Although is not a classic horror movie, “The Wailing” captivates with its story and majestic performance. Director Na Hong-jin is known to the general public for the intense […]

Train to Busan – action & fun zombie movie! (South Korea)

If you do not usually like zombie movies, we encourage you to give ‘Train to Busan’ a chance, and embark on a ride that is full of fierce action, tension, fun… and of course, full of zombies! ‘Train to Busan’ comes from director and screenwriter Sang-ho Yeon. Particularly interesting is the fact that Yeon has so […]

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