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Zombie themed horror movies and series.

Reality Z (Brazil)

Reality Z is a Netflix horror series created by award-winning Brazilian director Cláudio Torres (“The Invisible Woman”). This Brazilian series combines horror and humor, narrating a zombie attack on Rio de Janeiro. In an effort to survive the danger consuming the world as zombies rapidly take over, a group of people flees to a reality […]

Train to Busan – action & fun zombie movie! (South Korea)

If you do not usually like zombie movies, we encourage you to give ‘Train to Busan’ a chance, and embark on a ride that is full of fierce action, tension, fun… and of course, full of zombies! ‘Train to Busan’ comes from director and screenwriter Sang-ho Yeon. Particularly interesting is the fact that Yeon has so […]

Black Summer

Just when you thought zombies could no longer scare you, “Black Summer” appeared. Existential hell in the suburbs, stripped to the bone. No long, difficult discussions. No endless ‘flashbacks’. Dialogue is miserable. Mostly shot with a handheld camera, very fluid. Series producers can learn a lot from “Black Summer”, wrote Stephen King’s mini-review on social […]

Horror Comedy Movies Best Ever: 14 Awesome Horror Funny Movies

Here we present our horror comedy movies best ever list. Check out these 14 fun and dumb horror funny movies that will have you laughing your guts out. Line up these awesome horror funny movies for your next Halloween movie night, or just for some brainless fun. Nothing is more enjoyable than a horror movie […]

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