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Horror series on Netflix.

Reality Z (Brazil)

Reality Z is a Netflix horror series created by award-winning Brazilian director Cláudio Torres (“The Invisible Woman”). This Brazilian series combines horror and humor, narrating a zombie attack on Rio de Janeiro. In an effort to survive the danger consuming the world as zombies rapidly take over, a group of people flees to a reality […]

Black Summer

Just when you thought zombies could no longer scare you, “Black Summer” appeared. Existential hell in the suburbs, stripped to the bone. No long, difficult discussions. No endless ‘flashbacks’. Dialogue is miserable. Mostly shot with a handheld camera, very fluid. Series producers can learn a lot from “Black Summer”, wrote Stephen King’s mini-review on social […]

Midnight Mass: The Haunting of Hill House creators develops new horror series for Netflix

Last year, Netflix gave us an amazing, scary series called ‘The Haunting of Hill House’. But the most important news is that “The Haunting of Hill House” creators are making a terrifying new horror Netflix series. Are you ready? Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy have begun work on a new seven-part series called ‘Midnight Mass’, […]

Scary Shows on TV: Top 20 Best TV Horror Shows of the Past Decade

Are you looking for scary shows on TV to watch? Here is our Top 20 list of the most interesting and best TV horror shows that have screened in the past decade, ranging from not-so-scary horror drama and comedy through to downright terrifying. You’ll find these best TV horror shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, […]

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