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Horror movies and series in Spanish or from Spanish-speaking countries, including Spain and Latin-America.

Veronica… is it really the scariest movie in the world ever made?

So, you’ve embarked on a mission to find the scariest movie in the world ever made. Don’t worry, it happens to every horror fan at some point, this need to find the holy grail of terror-inducing film. In your search, you have probably come across a curious film called ‘Veronica’ and are wondering… Is Veronica […]

Aterrados (Argentina)

In terms of variety and quality, in the last 10 years, highly acclaimed Argentine cinema has produced its first Paranormal horror, “Aterrados“, which translates to English as Terrified and is praiseworthy. The skillful scenario and superior direction by Demian Rugn brought breathe freshness into this horror sub-genre, always popular in smaller independent productions and among […]

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