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Horror movies and series based on true stories.

The Conjuring Timeline in Chronological Order and Release Date Order

With ten films released and planned, the Conjuring presents us with a complex universe of characters and stories set across several decades. Naturally, the question arises as to the best viewing order of the Conjuring movies. To dive in from the first film released and work through the films in release order, or whether it […]

Horror Movies True Stories: HMW’s Guide to the Best Horror Movie Based on True Story (Top 20 List)

Here we present Horror Movie Web’s guide to the Top 20 ‘Horror Movie Based on True Story’. “Monsters are as real as ghosts. They live in us and sometimes – they win,” said Stephen King, one of the most famous horror writers. He did not literally mean ghosts and monsters, but used these words to […]

The Conjuring: Devil Made Me Do It

In 2013, James Wan directed the first film inspired by true cases investigated by Ed and Loraine Warren. Loraine and Ed investigated paranormal phenomena and participated in approximately 4,000 (!!!) cases of exorcism. Ed was able to perform exorcisms on his own, he was also a demonologist while Loraine was a psychic. She is a […]

Veronica… is it really the scariest movie in the world ever made?

So, you’ve embarked on a mission to find the scariest movie in the world ever made. Don’t worry, it happens to every horror fan at some point, this need to find the holy grail of terror-inducing film. In your search, you have probably come across a curious film called ‘Veronica’ and are wondering… Is Veronica […]

The Curse of La Llorona

Annabelle, The Nun,  La Llorona. “The Conjuring” expands the universe according to Marvel’s recipe and appeals to potentially iconic horror villains. In anticipation of the arrival of “The Conjuring 3”, the “Annabelle 3” and “The Nun 2”, another hit of the lucrative Warner Bros studio franchise and producer James Wan has arrived – “The Curse […]

The Nun: Father, forgive her for not knowing what she’s doing!

When the horror trailer “The Nun” was released on YouTube, they literally banned it because it was too scary. And then the movie came out and fulfilled all the expectations of those who thought it would be even more scary. How scary is The Nun? The movie comes with lot of jump scares, the atmosphere […]

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