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The Cranberries with Zombie, thought it was fitting here…

When it comes to a Zombie Apocalypse, you have to create a viable plan to survive from the masses of flesh thirsting Zombies. In some cases, even normal people could cause you damage, by stealing batter from you or by using you as bait for the Zombies, so they can escape in safety. My country is not Eden on earth. I just have to open the eight o’clock news to see what human can do to another human in an overall peaceful environment.

After reading a lot about this topic and taking into consideration Survival Guides that deal with Zombies, I thought to share with you, what I think is the best way to survive such an event. I’m the average guy without any great fighting skills with a Machete or use of guns. My place isn’t a castle but has the most needed stuff plus a small place where I could store things that would help me survive for some time. Then around my neighborhood, there are small stores from which I could get food and water supplies plus full up extra gas.

I will make some assumptions here. A Zombie Apocalypse will not be the end of the world, and most probably will occur locally. I think for a global event to happen the magnitude of the virus/disease has to be as impactful as anything else the world has seen until now. I don’t think the odds are high for this. Then I think the affected governments will not collapse totally and will soon start actions to get the control back and ensure the safety of the people.

In my opinion, to increase my changes of survival I will need to avoid contact with Zombies to a high extent. I really don’t know how fast, strong or durable they are, so it is better to stay out of their way for as long as possible. Maybe, you would think, taking your 4X4 wheeler, with your disaster prep kit to a remote place into the woods is your best option, but it isn’t. On the way, many thinks can happen. Roads could be impenetrable by masses of abandoned cars, your car has a mechanical issue or runs out of gas. Then going into the woods is the idea many more people will have and that becomes a great place for Zombies to find food. Lastly, the most important part of why this plan doesn’t work for me. I don’t have a 4×4 wheeler.

To have the greatest survival rate against such an event I must do something totally against my nature and boring at the same time. Collect any materials from local stores close to me and barricade myself behind my own home doors. If you are living on the ground floor, which I don’t, you will need to make additional preparations to ensure nobody has the ability to enter your home from a door or window. Then you have to sit out the event.

This isn’t a way to get a medal of honor, but it helps me to stay in one piece. That and my family too. I know I’m a mentally resilient guy who can deal with such an event, who talks freely about an improbable Zombie Apocalypse, but others in my family aren’t. I cannot know how a family member could react in a given situation. Anything could happen in the most unsuspicious moment and then I will have to deal with the consequences afterward. That’s a great burden.

Now that we talk about family, in the event you aren’t close with your relatives, reconsider your standpoint during such an event. It’s for your own sanity. Be in a group, even consisted of two people. It hasn’t par tout to be a family member, any human being qualifies which you have some trust to. In my case, my friends are too far away usually, so I would stick with my family which is far closer.

Let’s look at the odds

The likelihood of a Zombie occurrence close by to your area will pretty much be the same with mine. Yeah, close to zero. I live in a medium sized city which isn’t of great interest to be a target for an attack by people with such a weapon. It could be a standalone virus or disease created by nature, but I think there are other bigger cities that would get hit earlier. I’m all the time online until anything happens out there the social media would spread the news faster than any virus is capable of.

So, in the end, you don’t need to spend a large chunk of your hard earned money to prepare for such an event. Create a disaster preparation kit, that could be just a bag pack. You could store in a small shelve at your home durable food and water supplies and try to have an escape plan out of your home to some other safe place and you are basically set not only for a Zombie Apocalypse but also for other, more probable disasters too.

In the meantime, now that I have made peace with my mind, that I will not see much Zombies even if they are out there walking down the streets of my neighborhood, I can pass my time to enjoy some crazy good made Zombie movies. It could be, I learn something new that I wasn’t aware of, or I want just the thrill which will distract me from some real-life worries and then, some Zombie movies are just fun. That is my preferred sort of this genre.

My top 4 Zombie movies to watch

After having all said, the following movies are my favorites about this sub-horror genre and totally worth your time if you are new to this. You may already know that over the years a great number of Zombie movies has been made and my list is representing my own taste, which isn’t the disgusting full bloody type of horror or even the Zombie movies who take themselves too seriously.

World War Z (2013)

This movie is based on the book written by Max Brooks in which the world has to face an epidemic outbreak of a zombie plague. The same author has also written the Zombie Survival Guide if you want to go deeper into this topic. Back to the movie, Gerry (Brad Pitt) tries to find a way to stop the zombie pandemic which is spreading quickly across the world. One bite is enough and you will be converted to a Zombie. To be successful and save his family from such a faith, Gerry has to travel around the world and find Patient Zero. This is the most educational out of the four, even though I don’t agree with every info in the movie. It is gripping to watch.

Resident Evil (2002)

A successful video game that got featured in a movie. Ever asked yourself how a Zombie epidemy could be brought to us? This movie offers a pretty simple and good explanation. A company named the Umbrella organization made researches in an underground facility named the Hive. They have created a Bioweapon the T-Virus which triggered the Zombie Apocalypse in this facility. The only thing containing the virus to reach the surface is the facility’s AI named the Red Queen. The lead star Alice (Milla Jovovich) and the other survivors don’t know the truth, because Red Queen had to use gas at some point which erased the memory of Alice, who try to reach the surface. Until now, Resident Evil has had five spinoffs and is the most successful film series based on a video game.

Zombieland (2009)

In Zombieland, there isn’t a fight to stop the epidemy from reaching greater highs. Humanity lost that fight. Now, what only matters is to follow some rules to survive from the undeath. It all happened two months ago when a strain of the mad cow disease mutated to a mad person disease which made them to zombies. In this apocalyptic horror comedy, three survivors who meet during the movie try to find a safe place, far away from zombies. This movie has been a great success in the box office and 2019, will be released the second part of it, with all the previous cast participating again (Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin).

Warm Bodies (2013)

Warm Bodies is another comedy in this genre but more of a romantic nature. The movie is based on the novel by Isaac Marion and handles about Julie (Teressa Palmer) a human survivor of the epidemy and R (Nicholas Hoult) a zombie and their eventual romance throughout the movie. R since eight years a Zombie prefers to eat human brains because they made him feel alive and allow him to take a look at the memories of the people he eats. Both will meet when R rescues Julie’s life and for some reason, he continues to protect her from his fellow Zombies and the Boneys which are the worse mutation.

I shared with you what I would do when a Zombie Apocalypse would happening outside my doors, and would happily hear your thoughts about it, or which movies you prefer to watch in this genre. Ultimately when I feel the pressure to kill some Zombies there is always the solution of a first-person shooter video game like Resident Evil or some cheap but great substitute of Red Zed 2, by

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