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The Foundation

This year’s “Wrong Turn” – “The Foundation” is a more politicized and complex piece of horror, devoid of film-deformed cannibals from previous series. As antagonists are been chosen the “real” people from the deserted forests and hills of Virginia, which the “damned hipsters” will encounter in the ambiguous conflict between the two civilizations, the history and present of America.

“Damn hipsters” are a fashionably diversified group of people, Jen and her dark-skinned boyfriend Darius (Charlotte Vega, Adain Bradley), Adam and his girlfriend Milla (Dylan McTee, Emma Dumont), and Gary and Luis (Vardaan Arora, Adrian Favela). They come to West Virginia to explore the Appalachian Hiking Trail.

In the small town there, tensions arise with the locals when they see an interracial and gay couple.

“This world is in trouble because of you hipsters,” yells one of them, warning young people to “stick to the marked paths” because “nature doesn’t forgive here” and “danger lurks up there”. Similar words will be repeated by the local sheriff to Jenna’s father (Matthew Modine, the most famous acting name on the team) when she comes in search of her missing daughter: “There nature devours everything that falls into her hand and doesn’t care who you are.”

Yen and team will, classically, make a “wrong turn” after Darius suggests they find a Civil War fort off the beaten track.

“This country is their country,” the “Wrong Turn” posters warn nicely. Who are they”? They are the mountain descendants of the founders of St. America under Venable in the interpretation of Bill Sage. Just before the start of the Civil War, a dozen American families from Virginia went to live in the Appalachian Mountains in fear of the collapse of America (“apocalyptic visionaries”).

There they developed a cult called the Founders and at all costs want to maintain their conservative and nationalistic way of life, barbarically ruthless to intruders / foreigners / enemies although they have no problem descending into civilization if it necessary.

Undoubtedly, this is “Wrong Turn” for the generation of “Midsommar” fans which popularized the so-called “folk horror” with local cults.

Despite certain contradictions, the director offered a horror vision of menacing characters from the womb of America whose image coincides with real ones.

Not everyone will like this new version of Wrong Turn.

This is a film that has (almost) nothing in common with previous sequels except the initial idea of ​​a wrong turn in the wilderness

It was decided that the film does not contain probably the most recognizable element of the series – its mutated actors which will disappoint fans of the series. Instead of them other “villains” have been implemented.

Apart from the mentioned deformed antagonist in the film series, there is no too creepy scenes, no too many murders, no brutality (at least not as we seen before) and there are no charismatic villain characters that we would like to see in a potential sequel.

What can be annoying is that the story in the town, but also in the forest, consists almost entirely of numerous clichés that we have seen thousands of times. For example : in the local cafe, the locals do not welcome our heroes very well which immediately leads to a conflict with some locals who warn the kids about something in the woods but do not say explicitly what. And there are some weird characters who it seems completely normal to our city heroes (two girls selling souvenirs), even though we already know very well that they are not, and that in the continuation of the film they will have a much more important role on the opposite side.

When the team goes into the woods, the clichés continues . True, this year’s Wrong Turn looks like the original from 2003, because it is full of numerous elements borrowed from other horror films, but in the new one it was not done in an interesting way. Here, the forced descent from the hiking trail seems too obvious, just as the complete disappearance of the mobile phone signal , numerous conflicts in the team immediately after realizing that they got lost in the woods, darkness soon falls, everything is mostly too expected. The only thing that is not expected is that the first accident that will befall our heroes will be so unconvincing … It is no secret that the kids in the forest are not alone, and that the entire forest is covered with various traps for killing all living things, be it on two or four legs.

It is quite unrealistic that every inch of the forest that stretches for thousands of square miles is covered with a traps, holes, wires, deadly spikes and other deadly devices that can brutally kill at any moment the one who makes one wrong step.

In the middle of the film, we meet The Foundation, a bizarre community of people who have been living isolated in the woods for centuries, far from any civilization and the influence of modern society and technology. This community tries to return to nature, living by some of its own rules, as much as possible. They do not mix with people from urban areas, which is a problem in itself if we take the film seriously, because due to the small number of this commune there would be problems with future generations. The Foundation has some internal laws of its own (violated by our heroes so now they have to pay) and locals from the surrounding urban areas ignore the existence of this group although later in the film we discover that many people are missing or injured in this part of the forest. The decision in which The Foundation exists very close to urban areas undermines the film’s credibility because it is difficult to accept the fact that a people from time to time was kidnap or killed and no one reacts.

Native people in addition to setting and controlling numerous traps, move exclusively silently or super fast. Kids do not see them. Although natives wear animal skull masks on their heads, they have a perfectly good overview of the situation and can hide in masked holes for a split second. Also natives are covered with leaves, skins and other elements that, according to them, allow them to hunt more easily, however, their movement is inaudible, more precisely – the leaves, skins and branches do not make any sound when they sneak through the same bushes and vegetation. Also, their feet do not make any sound when they step on dry leaves, which is, to put it mildly, unreal. And as if that wasn’t enough, there is an irritating impression that these natives are literally at every step and that there is literally no escape from them (in fact – they didn’t even need traps): they are on a tree and in a hole, on a rock and in a tent. However, the kids are also irritating because they are arguing and shouting in the middle of a peaceful forest, even though they know that they are being persecuted by a numerically indefinite but definitely more murderous group of enemies.

After the remaining kids captured from the numerically superior members of The Foundation, the action of the film moves to the camp of these natives. In the camp we find out some details about the lives of these people. This segment of the film is extremely short, fast-paced and unfinished, because it simply lacks more details about the way of life in this commune. We have the opportunity to see only a charismatic leader and two girls, and two or three slightly portrayed side characters, which is too little to enjoy the life, order and laws that govern this community.

During the film we see a lot of inconsistencies in the story and many unconvincing situations, such as that according to locals members of the forest commune do not mix with the population and in the second scene we see the youngest members of the community selling souvenirs in the city, while older ones have a properly registered vehicle. it already implies that they are not so distant from the modern world, their laws and systems. A good indicator that the authors did not conceive the story well, nor distance The Foundation from civilization, is the scene of the theft of mobile phones from the tents of our heroes. How can someone who has spent his whole life in the forest, and doesn’t even know the language of the country in which he lives, know about the existence of a mobile phone and how he can predict all the dangers of that cube box and conclude that it must be stolen…

Surely you are wondering what is positive in this film? It is definitely the beautiful nature of the forest in which the viewer’s eye can really enjoy the first half of the film. The forest paths, slopes and slopes are beautiful, the abysses are scary and the small forest cemetery is quite creepy and absolutely unsuitable as a place for camping. All the scenes are very well visible, no matter what happens in the dark, and the direction of certain scenes is really great. To some extent, the film also depicts the life of a specific isolated group of forest people. The reversals and the character of the Jen is also positive. This girl definitely has a strong will and a strong character, although her decisions are not always the most rational (as you will see during the final turnaround). Good acting is also provided by Matthew Modine (47 Meters Down, Altar) as her father, Bill Sage (We Are What We Are, Fender Bender) as the leader of The Foundation. Also the little blonde girl you will remember even though she is not in the film uttered not a single word. The rest of the cast is too forgetful and does not remain in the memory either by its characters or by its acting achievements.

We believe that the real fans of the previous series will be more or less disappointed with what will they saw. For sure they will make up the majority of viewers of this film, because the others will be rejected in advance from the potential viewing of the film, because “Wrong Turn” reminds them to brutal killings and mutated bloodshed. If will be sequel we would like to be return to the original.

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